If you need to temporarily close on contract prices for some period of time for some reason, for example on high seasons, you can set up Closed contract prices in Travia.

In order to set up closed contract prices.

1. Go to My Properties. Click on the action menu on the right side.  Select Closed Contract Prices.

2. Click on Create closed contract prices period.

3. Here you can select if you want to have it based on travel agents or based on price agreement. 

If you select Based on travel agents, you select all the travel agencies you want to be included. Click on Next

If you select Based on price agreement, you select all the price agreements you want to close temporarily. Click on Next

4. Here you select the settings as you like. You will have to select a name for the closed contract prices period. Click on Next

5. Here you select the room types that you are including in this closing period.  Click on Next

6. Here you can review the settings that you selected. When you are happy with everything, click on Finish.