When setting up your property in Travia, you will need to have at least one cancellation policy. You can have as many cancellation policies as you like.  You can choose which cancellation policy for each travel agency that you cooperate with. 

Click on your property and select Cancellation policy

1. Click on Add Cancellation Policy

2. You will have to put a name on the cancellation policy and a short description. 

3. You can have different cancellation policies based on how many rooms the travel agency is booking.  To filter out these settings, click on Room Range,  (Example: Your property has 12 rooms. You can have separate policies for bookings including 1-5 rooms and for bookings including more than 5 rooms. 

To add a different range, click on New Range.

4. You can also have different settings on how much the cancellation fee is based on when the booking is canceled.  To add a filter, click on the green plus sign.


If the booking cancellation includes 1-5 rooms and is canceled within 48 hours prior to check-in,  100% cancellation fee applies.

If the booking cancellation includes 6-12 rooms:

 - Within 2 weeks, a 100% cancellation fee applies.

 - Within 4 weeks, a 50% cancellation fee applies.

 - Within 8 weeks, a 20% cancellation fee applies.