The allotment request always starts at the Travel Agency - as a property, you can not offer an allotment.

Answering an allotment request is very easy.

For every allotment request, you will get an email stating the request and a link to open the request.

You can also visit and log into your account with your username (email) and password.

Once you are in the application, click on the left banner on Property allotments.

Once there, you can select the three dots on the right hand side and click edit.

Once you are in the settings field you are setting the rules and playing field for this allotment request.

You can see the request from the travel agency.

You can set a auto release, and they can be on a daily level or the whole allotment

You will need to synchronise the requested rooms to a room in your channel manager or PMS system.

From the drop down list you select the rooms.

You can also select the price agreement and the cancellation policy - they can be different from the cooperation settings.

You can also add exception dates if you have limited or no availability to accommodate the request from the Travel Agency.

Once everything is filled out, you press the offer button and then the Travel Agency has to confirm the rules and settings you just applied.