The request phase of allotments always starts from the Travel Agency side.

Requesting allotments is really easy in Travia.

You log into Travia at with your credentials.

On the left banner click Agency Allotments.

Once you are there, you can click the button Create new allotment in the top right corner.

Click the FIT Allotment button.

Give the Allotment a descriptive name and select Single Property.

Select the property you wish to request the allotment at (please note that you can only request allotments at a property you have a cooperation with).

Select the dates you wish to reserve the allotment at and select how many rooms of each room category you wish to request.

Please note that you are requesting room categories - if a property has standard single and standard double, you can book both of these rooms when booking into the allotment.

Once your setup is there you can save and send the allotment request.

The role of requesting the allotment is now finished and now the property needs to answer and set different rules for this allotment.

Once they have answered the request, you will get notified to accept the offer.

Click the Agency allotments and select the three dots and select edit.

Here you can see the rules and settings that the property has set.

Please read very carefully through everything and all the rules.

Once you have read through you can select confirm.