If a Travel Agency has requested a group allotment at your property you can answer them inside Travia.

Travia will create bookings in your Channel Manager and the allotment will be managed by the Travel Agency.

To answer the allotment request please click the Property Allotments on the right side menu banner.

You can select auto release for the allotment by selecting the toggle.

You can choose between Group Release and Whole Allotment.

Group release: Releases unfilled rooms in a specific group from certain days before allotment start date. For example, if you want the allotment to be released 30 days prior to check-in, then all unfilled rooms will be released 30 days before check-in date.

Whole allotment: Release all unfilled rooms from a certain date. For example, if you want all the rooms that are not filled to be released on the 20'th of August.

Select the allotment that you want to request by clicking the three dots on the far right side and selecting the property.

If the Travel Agency has requested multiple dates at your property it will look like this:

Select the corresponding group that you wish to answer and a side drawer will appear from the right.

You will need to synchronise the allotments to a specific room type and select the price agreement and cancellation policy that applies.

You can also select notification reminders that are sent to the Travel Agency at certain times from the allotment.

Once you have set the rules and conditions you can press the Offer.

Then the Travel Agency will need to re-confirm the allotment and confirm it. Once the Travel Agency does that, all the bookings will be synced to your channel manager.