How to manage group allotments

Modified on Fri, 19 Jan 2024 at 10:23 AM

Click on agency allotments and find the allotment you would like to manage. 

You can access the allotments by clicking on the three dots on the right side. Please note: It depends on the status of the allocation what options you will get when you click (see second image here below).

If you click on edit, you will access the allotment. From here you can view information such as start date, end date, % that has been used, what rooms are in the allotment, what price agreement is attached, cancellation policy that applies for the group as well as information on when the block will be released from the property system. Please note, in the below case, the allocation is for one group and one property. 

From here you can do multiple functions to manage your group. 

1. Change start date

2. Change end date 

3. To add room/s to previous requested rooms move your mouse over the number of rooms in the allotment and change the number as per your new request. If you wish to add new room category, click on the + in the green circle and add category and the amount of rooms you wish to request.  The category that the property has to offer will appear. 

4. Message the property. They can reply back and the communication between partners will be saved. 

5. When pressing View bookings  overview of what has been used of the allocation will appear (also accessible to view from the three dots, as per the second image from above).   

6. Use the allocation, or that is add guest names to the block (also accessible to view from the three dots, as per the second image from above)

    a) When you click on use another window will appear where you can choose what room type you would like to use, how many rooms you need at this time and for how many guests. Here you can also add room notes. See image below. Here you need to press continue

   b) In the next step you can add further information for your group such as; add another booking name, voucher number if applicable, country (origin) of guests and you can add reservation notes (information for these guests). 

In this step you can also fill in the name list by putting in names one by one or copy and paste from another document. Please note that you can always change and update these information as needed. To finish or exit this step you need to either press use or close

Note: You need to confirm cart in the next step to move your reservation from pending to approved.

c) From this view you can add or change your name list as needed. You can also change the name for the group, add voucher information, country information, changed quantity of rooms and/or guests, look into activity panel and see who has made changes to the reservation and view cancellation policy. You can also add rooms from this location if you have allocated rooms left. 

Please note, for changes such as (nr.1) change start date, (nr.2) change end date, (nr.3) change number of rooms or category a "request change" button will appear and the property will need to confirm that change before you can continue with applicable changes.

Attention: Here below is an example of where to click to access allocation, if you have multiple groups and/or multiple properties. 

When clicking on the pencil and choosing for example stop 1, the following window will open. Please note, same functions are applicable in this window as if you have one group except the messages, which is in part of the previous step.  

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