How to make a reservation

Modified on Tue, 22 Feb 2022 at 09:58 AM

In order to create a booking,

1. Click on Search on the menu bar, in the top left corner.


1. Here you fill out your searching options

  • Check-in and check-out, 
  • How many rooms
  • How many guests

We recommend zooming into the location of the property you are looking for, to speed up the search process. 

  • Note: The check-in og check-out date cannot be the same date. When that happens, you will see no availability.  If you are booking for just one night, you will have to select check-out a day after the check-in day. 

3. When you have filtered down your search (for example, put in name of hotel, date, amount of rooms needed etc) you can see live availability on the properties that are visible.  To continue with your booking, click on Add basket.

4. Here you fill out necessary information.

  1. Name of the booking
  2. If you have a voucher code 
  3. The nationality of the guests
  4. Here you select the room type, how many rooms, and how many guests are in each room.  If the hotel offers breakfast, you will select that here.
  5. Room notes. You can leave a message for each room (for example, the guest in this room has a nut allergies) 
  6. In reservation notes, you can add additional information you would like to share with the property, for this reservation. This can be information on a late arrival, any allergies that the guest might have etc.
  7. Namelist. Here you put in the namelist of the guests in the booking

If you are going to add other properties to your booking, click on Add and search for properties and repeat previous steps.

When the booking is ready, click on Add and Confirm to confirm the booking. 

Instant toggle -  If the property has a limit on how many rooms you can book, the toggle will be automatically set off.  You will still be able to book, but your booking will turn into a request and has to be accepted by the property. 

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