In Travia you can have as many price lists as you want. That might be helpful if you have special prices for certain travel agencies and a general price list for others.

You will need to give your price list a name.

Next up is linking the price list to a certain season and then choosing the currency you base that price list on.

The currency that you choose is the currency of the price list. By default, all prices will enter your PMS (hotel system) in the currency that you set up in the Basic Information when you created your property.

By selecting Set as invoicing currency the currency of the price list will be send to your PMS (hotel system).

You select the dates which the price list is valid.

You can select if your price list is:

NET = These are the prices that the Travel Agent pays when booking at your place.

GROSS (RACK, BRUTTO) = These are GROSS prices without commission. The commission is set on each cooperation agreement.

BAR = Best available rates, these are the rates which you have on sales websites (, expedia, etc).

You can set different prices for different room ranges. For example, if you price your hotel differently if a Travel Agency is booking 2 rooms or 15 rooms, you can set that up by adding a new range.

The price list will be set up depending on the seasons which you have created earlier.

You will then insert the monetary value into the fields for each room on each season.

If you want to be able to sell a double room as a single room, or even a triple room as a single room, you can do that by changing the max occupancy settings. To add a new occupancy, you simply click the plus (+) sign.

Then you have to define if breakfast is included, not available or extra. And also if your property can offer extra beds in some of the room types:

If your property can not offer breakfast whole year round you can select the Define breakfast per season.

Then you can select different options for each season.

If you have the breakfast price at 0, it means that it's included. If it's left empty, that means that breakfast is not available. If you put in an extra price, that will show up as extra price.

When you have finished all the above settings, you can save the price agreement.

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