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Modified on Thu, 20 Jan 2022 at 12:00 PM

In Travia you can have as many price lists as you want. That might be helpful if you have special prices for certain travel agencies and a general price list for others.

1. Click on Add Price agreement. 

2. You can set up prices based on the number of adults, number of rooms, and/or number of nights. You can set up prices based on all of these options together. That is based on your pricing strategy. 

Travia will also ask you if your pricelist is seasonal. If you select Yes, you will get a template to fill out, or you can set up your seasons by yourself by selecting Custom.  Then click on Next

Note: If you are not sure at the moment, you can select No.  You can always edit the pricelist and add these features later. Any changes that are made in the pricelist will be notified to every travel agency connected to the pricelist. 

3. Next you will have to name your pricelist and select if your prices are NET or GROSS

  • NET pricelist includes the prices as travel agencies see and get when you make a booking at your property. 

  • GROSS pricelist includes the prices without commission. You will need to decide how much commission (discount) each travel agency gets on your pricelist.

  • You can also choose BAR pricelist. BAR means best available rates. Then Travia will get the rates from your PMS system. 

By default, all prices will enter your PMS (hotel system) in the currency that you set up in the Basic Information when you created your property. By selecting Set as invoicing currency the currency of the price list will be sent to your PMS (hotel system).

4. Select the dates on which the pricelist is valid. Click on the three dots next to the pricelist, and select Edit Price List

Then you will get up this window. Select the dates, and click on Save 

5. Then you put in the prices that you will offer in Travia, whether they are NET or GROSS.

  • In this case, you can set up a price for one adult in bookings containing between 1-30 rooms for 1-2 nights.



  • In this case: If there are 2 adults in one room, 1-30 rooms in the booking, for 1-2 nights, the price is 13.500kr. 

5. You can select if you offer an extra bed and/or breakfast and if it is included or costs extra. If you did put on another Add-on in the previous step (Detailed Information) it will also appear here.

6. You can always use the Save draft option. All your changes will then be saved and you can get back to it later.  When you are finished setting up your pricelist, click on Save price agreement.  

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