3. Rooms

When you are setting up the property in Travia you will be setting up your rooms.

Click on add room. There you fill out basic information settings of the room type you have such as category, type, name of the room, quantity, and the number of maximum occupants. 

In additional settings, you can add a description of the room and room size in square meters.

In Room Add-ons you can choose to add breakfast and/or an extra bed. 

In Room Amenities you can things that are included in your room. 

In order for Travia to know the availability at your property, the rooms must be mapped between your channel manager (hotel system) and Travia. 

In order to connect the live availability to Travia, please select the Room ID and a dropdown list will appear with the rooms that this property has registered in your channel manager (hotel system).

When you have saved the room, the room is now connected to live availability.

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