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When you have created an account on Travia, and are setting up your property, you need to connect it to a channel manager. 

To connect with Siteminder, clock on Connect your property with a Channel Manager. Then you will get a list of channel managers, select Siteminder from the list.. 

When you select Siteminder, you will get a Property Key code. You will need to insert the code in Siteminder. Travia will show that the channel is connected (see image). 

Before we can continue you need to add some additional settings to the Rooms feature in Travia to be able to appear correctly in Siteminder. 

In the additional settings, a Room ID should appear, for each room, when you add a room in Travia. You also need to add a new Rate Plan Identifier that will be read by Siteminder. It can be a name or a number, something that you are used to working with. You add the name to Add new rate plan code and press the green plus sign. Then press enter and it will go automatically to the left field Rate plan identifiers. 

Please press the Update room button in the bottom right corner to save the changes. The Rate plan identifier needs to be applied to all room categories available in Travia.

After this step your setup for Siteminder in Travia is done but you need to open up for the connection on your access in SIteminder.

To add Travia as a new channel in Siteminder, click on Channel Connection Wizard - Connect new channel and find Travia on the channel list. 

Travia should be connected to at least one rate, in order to work properly. Please note, we recommend  that you have rates loaded for at least one and a half year advance.  

To connect rates from Travia to Siteminder, you have to choose Channels - Travia GDS - Configure (please note when Travia GDS is chosen. a dropdown appears with Configure and Audit). 

Choose Channel settings and the Property Key code from Travia (as per image 2 above) needs to be inserted in the Hotel Code

Click on Rooms & Rates to map rates needed with Travia.

You can always control availability and dynamic rates from Siteminder as needed, furthermore, in Travia you have the option to load gross or net contract rates as you and connect to travel agency. You can find further information on connecting rates and mapping in Siteminder here.     

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