In order to make a group allotment you can click the Property Allotments on the menu banner on the right side.

Select the Group Allotments 

On the screen you create a name and select how many groups you want to make an allotment for and if you want to request the allotment at multiple properties or a single property.

Once your setup has been done you click Continue.

You are then shown a grid of groups.

Start by selecting how many stops your group will stay in Iceland. A stop is a place where the group will stay, so for one stop the group can stay many nights or one night.

You select the start date and how many nights your group wants to stay at each stop.

Travia will calculate the start of group 2 based on the last night of group 1 and so forth. Please note that you can change the dates between groups.

Once you have set up your grid of groups you can click Continue.

You will be directed to a place where you can load properties into each stop.

Travia will assume that you want to request the same property for each day for all of the groups, but you can change it if you would like to.

The request for each day will look like this:

Once you save it, Travia will copy it down for all groups.

Once your grid is fully finished you can click Request.

Once the property sends you an offer for a group you will get notified to review it and either confirm it or reject it.

You can either access the allotment from the email that you are sent or by going into Travia and clicking Agency allotments and selecting the corresponding allotment.

A side drawer will appear and you can press confirm.

Once you have clicked confirm then the allotment is confirmed.

Please note that if you have requested multiple properties for the allotment group, you can not use the allotment until all properties have accepted or confirmed the allotment.