In the first step, you will be asked to fill in a few details about your property.

Please fill in the fields that are required.

Here are a few fields that will need your attention:

E-mail: This is the email to which all notifications go to from Travia. Booking notifications, co-operation notifications, updates from Travia etc.

Currency: Please select the currency which your PMS (hotel system) is working in. E.g. if I have my hotel set up in EUR, I will choose EUR in this setting.

Map: Sometimes, the map does not find all addresses in Iceland (especially in the country side) so you can move the marker to the correct location.

Property Group: This is only intended if you have multiple properties that are branded under a name. E.g. Iceland Hotel Reykjanes and Iceland Hotel Reykjavík, then your property group would be "Iceland Hotel".

Visible to other travel agents: This is by default on, so if you do not finish the setup in one go, travel agencies will be able to request cooperation with you. You can turn off your visibility by clicking this button.

Connect with your channel manager: If you are using Godo Property, please log in to Godo Property and locate your property key. Copy the Property Key and insert it into Travia. If you are using any other channel manager or hotel system, you have to find your property key from the system that you are using. Travia will tell you if your property is connected or not. Here are instructions.

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