In order to make a booking please click on "search" on the menu bar, in the top left corner.

We recommend zooming into the location of the property you are looking for, to speed up the search process. When you have filtered down your search (for example, put in name of hotel, date, amount of rooms needed etc) you can see live availability on the properties that are visible.     

You can then press the Add button, and it will create a booking cart for you.

Once you clicked on this button a pop up will appear. Here you have different field options for your reservation. 

1. This is a booking name field and it will be copied into all the name fields below. As an example, if you do not know guest name at this point, but you know that this booking is for Johnson family, you can add that here. 

2. Voucher field for voucher number, if your office uses that for accounting. 

3. Country field. This is for your guest nationality. We encourage you to utilize this field for your internal data.  

4. In this part you add what room type is needed, how many rooms, how many guests in each room and for some hotels you can add breakfast (if that is add on option for that hotel).   

5. In reservation notes you can add additional information you would like to share with the property, for this reservation. This can be information on late arrival, any allergies that the guest might have etc. 

Please note, the toggle "instant" shows if this booking can be done instantly. If your property partner has limited the amount of rooms that you can book per booking, this toggle will be automatically turned off. You can still book, but the booking will be turned into a request if this toggle is off.