In order to make a booking please navigate to the Search on the menu bar on the top left corner.

When you have filtered down your search you can see the live availability on the properties that are visible.

You can then press the Add button, and it will create a booking cart for you.

Once you click this button a pop up will appear where the different room types will appear:

1. This is a booking name field and it will be copied into all the name fields below. As an example, if you do not know the guest name at this point, but you know that this booking is from a company called Test Company, you can for example write Test Company into this field and then send the name list later on when you have the names.

2. This is the name field which is on this booking. Please note that if you book multiple rooms, the same name will appear on all rooms.

3. This is a field where you state how many rooms you need for one person. The person icon represents how many people will stay in these rooms. For example, if I need 1 room for one person, I would write 1 there.

4. This is the same field as nr 3. but here I am telling the application how many rooms I need for two people. If I am booking 10 double rooms, I would state 10 here.

5. The add button adds this booking to a cart and you can continue to book into the same booking. If you are for example creating a package for tourists going around Iceland, you can add all the hotels around the country into one cart and then finalise the booking at once. Then all the bookings will be linked together and you will have a better overview.

6. If you are only booking this particular hotel, you can click Add & Confirm and the booking get's booked immediately.

7. This toggle shows if this booking can be done instantly. If your property partner has limited the amount of rooms that you can book per booking, this toggle will be automatically turned off. You can still book, but the booking will be turned into a request if this toggle is off.