When you have created a Property or a Travel Agency you can cooperate with others on the market.

In the menu on the left side of the application you can see a link that is either 'My property cooperations' or 'My agency cooperations'. Please note that if you are only operating a property, you will not see the menu items as a Travel Agency and vice versa. 

After you have clicked that option, you will be navigated to your cooperation page where you can see active cooperation, cancelled, pending and requested ones.

To create a new one, please click the button in the top right corner 'Create a new cooperation'.

Then you will be navigated to a page where all listed Travel Agencies or Properties are using the Travia software.

You can select multiple partners or a single one.

When you have selected the ones you would like to request a cooperation, please select 'Next' which is located on the bottom right corner.

Then follow the steps required to finish the cooperation request.