How do I send a cooperation request to travel agency?

Modified on Mon, 20 Dec 2021 at 02:07 PM

When you have created a property, you can cooperate with travel agencies in Travia.

1. Click on My property cooperation

2. Click on Create new cooperation

3. Click on your property and select Next

4. Select the travel agencies that you want to connect with. You can select up to 10 travel agencies.

5. If you want to connect with a travel agency that is not in Travia, you can send them an email and invite them to join Travia and connect with you.  

6. Click on Next.

7. You will need to select the Cancellation Policy and the Price Agreement that this travel agency gets when they are booking at your property.   

8. Click on Instant Booking Limit and select Limited if you want to set a limit on how many bookings this travel agency can book at your property.  So if you set the limit to 3, the travel agency can book maximum 3 rooms instantly. If they try to book 4 rooms, the whole booking will turn into a request. You will receive an email notification where you can approve or reject the booking. 

9. The Name list Reminder Days is a field where you can input the number of days prior to check-in you want Travia to send a notification to the travel agency to send you a full namelist for the booking. 

10. You can leave a message to the travel agency in Invite message

11. If you toggle the Use BAR, the system will allow prices from your channel manager (hotel system) if they are lower than the prices in your price agreement. 

*NET pricelist - Prices in NET pricelists will be the prices that are visible to travel agencies when booking at your property in Travia.

*GROSS or BAR pricelists - Prices in GROSS or BAR pricelists, you can give travel agencies a commission, (discount), on your prices that will be visible to them when booking at your property in Travia.

12. If you have selected multiple travel agencies you want to cooperate with, but you want a specific travel agency to get a different price agreement or different commission or something else than the others, click on the Customize toggle. 

When you have sent a request to travel agencies, Travia will send an email to them and then they will accept or reject the cooperation  - After they have accepted, they can see your property in their search and can book at your property within the terms and settings you chose. 

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