To book and access your contract rates with accommodation partner, you need to set up cooperation. When requesting a cooperation with a property you simply click "My agency cooperations" on the left menu.

Next you need to click on "Create new cooperation" in the top right corner.

If you have multiple travel agencies you will need to choose from which one you want to request for. If you only have one, you will be directed to the list of all properties that you are not cooperating with already.

You will see a list of properties and you can choose up to 10 properties, to send out a cooperation request to in one go.

Click "next" and then you can send an optional message and finally click "request". 

Once the property has replied to your request, assigned you a price agreement and a cancellation policy, you will be notified with an email which states that the cooperation has been approved or rejected. 

Once the cooperation is approved, you can check availability and start making reservations.

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