To book a room you click Search on the left side banner.

To initiate a search you can choose a certain landmark of the country such as Reykjavík. You can also search by Hotel name.

You will need to fill in the Check in / Check out dates, and also how many rooms you are searching for.

It is optional to put the number of people.

Once you have found a property that you want to book, you simply press the Add button on the bottom right corner of each property that is in the search result.

When you click the add button you have options to select which room-types you want to book at this particular property.

You will see the live availability at the given date you entered.

When you have expanded the room-type you wish to book, you can choose how many rooms you need for the desired amount of travellers.

In this case, you would be asking for 2 rooms for 2 people.

Travia shows you immediately the price for this booking and if breakfast is included or comes as an additional cost. In the picture above, I am not booking a breakfast.

You can set the Booking name, Voucher number, country and Reservation notes.

In the bottom left corner on the image above, there is this toggle Instant, if this is green, it means that this booking will immediately go through to the booking system of the hotel.

There are two ways to confirm the booking. You can Add it to a cart and you can Add and confirm immediately.

Once you click Add and confirm, the booking gets confirmed and you will get an email notification of a booking you have just confirmed.

The property will also get a notification that the booking was made instantly.

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