After you have searched for the property you would like to book you simply press the 'Add' button on the lower right corner to each hotel.

It will then show you a pop up of all the rooms that this hotel has available.

You can set a booking name, for example a company name or a group name and you can also include reservation notes such as if a person has allergies or special needs.

Each room is located in a 'collapsed' form, where you simply expand it to write how many rooms you would need.

You can set the name for this room type immediately and you can also include a voucher number.

The person icons indicate how many rooms you need for the specific number of people.

In the case of the screenshot you are adding 2 double rooms for 2 people and 1 double room for 2 persons + extra bed, a total of 7 people.

If you need to add another room type you can simply collapse this selection and open the next room type.

When you have finished you can either book by adding this to cart or by pressing add and confirm. The add and confirm sends the booking immediately to the property and will be confirmed.

The instant toggle button in the bottom left corner means that this amount of rooms can be instantly booked (e.g. not turning into a request). You can also set it to a request if you would like. If you go over the limit set by the property, this toggle will automatically be turned off and the booking will be sent as a request.